How Beyond Eyes used Mapwize interactive maps to improve data visualization effectiveness and speed time to market

On a daily basis, Beyond Eyes' (B-E) goal is to connect technology, usage, and the building experience of their customers in a smart way: “Building Happy People”. 

The company was searching for ways to provide their clients access to easily visualize the data their sensors were generating.

Mapwize’s interactive maps platform, fully integrated into Beyond Eyes solution, offered the perfect interface and tool for bringing all their clients data to life. Now clients can view information such as air quality and humidity, or room occupancy, on customized maps.

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Provide a visual building dashboard in no time

Beyond Eyes makes a variety of data available for their customers to view on individual dashboards, however the interface wasn’t visually clear enough to easily extract insights. As the company's goal is to improve the use of buildings and bring more comfort to users and owners, it was crucial form them to:

  > Find a visualization tool that is accessible and comprehensive for all types of users
Face time-to-market
  > Rely on an indoor map expert


Improve data visualization for all types of user

Beyond Eye identified Mapwize as the best solution to their challenges because of the Mapwize platform price-quality ratio. 

By partnering with an expert mapping platform, B-E was able to instantly take advantage of the existing feature set, while being assured they would benefit from new features at no additional cost. Mapwize maps were easy to integrate into their applications and could display data on different maps based on sensors placed inside buildings.

Mapwize is integrated in the Beyond Eyes application. The B-E teams create and draw the building floor plans in Mapwize Studio and then integrate them into the application. Their clients can then visualize their data over their own floor plan, without requiring any extra work on their part. 

Beyond Eyes has developed many innovative use cases to help its customers use the data from their buildings:

  > Cleaning optimization
  Meeting room occupancy & booking
  Air quality and energy saving

In their own words

“The solution allows us to meet multiple customer demands. Whether you are a Cleaner, a Facility Manager, a Building User or a Building Tenant,
the map offers multiple possibilities of visualization and provides great insights for each profile. On top of that, the platform is easy to use and Mapwize offers a
very friendly user interface. For example, we can upload different kinds of source types and what we enjoy the most is the batch edit which is really a time saving.  

We use it all the time! ”

Kees De Ridder - Implementation Manager @ Beyond Eyes