How to build, manage and deploy an intuitive digital wayfinding experience? The Plaza of The Americas case study



With people with different levels of digital expertise, and a growing number of uncertainties emerging from the pandemic, the need for intuitive, user-friendly solutions has never been stronger. 

Are you interested in guiding your customers or your employees inside buildings? Managing physical distancing with COVID-19 specific routes? Reducing costs by using an all-in-one software solution? 

Mapwize alongside Wallboard is excited to talk about topics related to wayfinding and interactive screens for your malls and office buildings.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Wayfinding: a must-have for the building of tomorrow
  • An open platform allowing a wide range of use cases
  • The benefits of personalized map for pandemic management
  • Interactive maps build in a cost effective manner
  • Use Case: The Plaza of The Americas shopping mall


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