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Are you interested in guiding your students and staff inside your university campuses? Reducing late arrivals at your classes and events? Managing physical distancing with COVID-19 specific routes? Reducing costs by using an all-in-one software solution? 


Together with our partner Campus, we are very pleased to invite you to discover how wayfinding & interactive maps will enhance your students and overall campus experience. 

3 reasons why you should watch:

 Learn how and why wayfinding will improve your campus image and become a must-have tomorrow,

 Understand how interactive maps can help students in their everyday life, particularly in post COVID times

 See a live demo of the platform and how it integrates into Campus App portal

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Our speakers

Mathieu Gérard

Mathieu is CTO and co-founder of Mapwize where he leads the product development and writes the company roadmap. Before moving to France, he had co-founded the company Conference Compass in the Netherlands.

Mark Leary

Mark is Solutions Architect at Campus where he supports institutions with deep IT expertise. Previous to Campus, Mark was the director of IT Services and Academic Technology for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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